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Sisi Afrika Books

Sisi Afrika Books is a full-service hybrid partnership publisher.

We discover, publish and promote the most exciting, vital and enduring voices of our time. We partner with writers who write with a blend of urgency of language, imagination, distinctiveness and craft, and promote fiction and non-fiction writing that empowers, inspires, and delights readers while contributing to the cultural life of communities and preserve cultural heritage.

A hybrid partnership is a bridge between the traditional publishing and self-publishing model. It blends the best of both worlds to cultivate a more collaborative relationship between the publisher and author. A hybrid partnership allows the author to invest in professional publishing services, maintain greater creative control, and earn larger royalties.

With traditional publishing houses becoming more risk averse and shutting off new voices in favour of big names and established platforms, and self-publishing weighed down by quality concerns, a hybrid partnership model is the best alternative for the modern entrepreneurial author and thought leader.

We partner to provide full manuscript evaluation, developmental editing, copyediting and proofreading, illustrations, interior layout and typesetting, cover book design, quality assurance, ebook production, royalty set up and ebook distribution, paperback print-on-demand distribution, and optional hardcover printing and management, copyrighting and cataloging, publishing imprint, marketing strategy, launch and promotion.

Our combo of quality expertise and personal attention, our innovative speed-to-market, and our suite of editorial, design, marketing, production, and distribution services are designed to strategically and tactically support authors and put them on a pathway to success.

As a bespoke content development studio, we also partner with other values-driven, forward-thinking corporates and non-profit organizations to bring to life custom ideas on coffee-table books, corporate history books, big-idea books, and other branded-content books.

Sisi Afrika Digital

Digital Media Production

We offer original and customized graphic design, illustrations, and animation services for branding and advertising, educational content and health promotion campaigns.

Our artistic designers and illustrators create rich and intuitive designs and illustrations for books and magazines, be it for technical, medical, scientific, art and lifestyle genres, or for children storybooks.

We leverage the expertise of skilled and certified professionals to distill complex ideas into distinctive and vibrant designs, illustrations, and animations that satisfy the goals of every project.

Digital Learning Resources

We develop digital learning resources, including digital academic content tools such as software, apps, programs or websites that offer academic content resources or content that can be exploited to improve learner’s skills.


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