Sisi Afrika Books

Sisi Afrika Books provides book publishing, content generation, and editorial services.

Book Publishing

Sisi Afrika Books is a hybrid publishing imprint to provide a voice to writers, artists and thinkers who might otherwise not be published by bigger traditional publishing houses. The imprint publishes short story collections, poetry collections, novels, novellas, essay collections, biographies, and general-interest books, digitally and in print, in multiple languages.

Sisi Afrika Content Generation and Editorial Services

Sisi Afrika is involved in Creating, Knowing, and Sharing activities.

  • Creating– research, co-creation, and critical discourses (including research or writing).
  • Knowing– mentorships, artistic training, community-based initiatives to engage young people through artistic practices, and language and traditional knowledge preservation through artistic practice.
  • Sharing–implementation of dissemination strategies, publishing activities, and artistic and networking events such as exhibitions, installations, and festivals.

Sisi Afrika partners with individuals, corporate and not-for-profit organizations to commission, produce publication-ready manuscripts, to meet the needs of different demographics.

Sisi Afrika has access to collaborating subject-matter experts, a database of writers and editors across the continent.

Sisi Afrika brings together a rich cast of talented creatives: writers, editors, illustrators, graphic designers, and illustrators, in a diversity of African languages.

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