Book Review: Father Gabriel Dolan’s “Stories of Freedom in A Shackled Society” Offers Critical Lessons to Young Activists in Kenya

Father Gabriel Dolan, a renowned clergy and human rights activist in Kenya, has a new memoir: Undaunted: Stories of Freedom in A Shackled Society, narrating his coming to Kenya in the heat of the 1982 failed coup against President Daniel Moi, his relentless fights for the rights of the oppressed and voiceless in the Kenya. It is a story full of courage, bravery and lessons to upcoming activists seeking to change the state of affairs in their society.

Unmasking Musa Juma’s Benga Music

Although hailed as an astute Luo rumba artiste by music reviewers in newspapers and magazines, few are aware of the musician’s first compositions that were in pure paced benga and why he chose to do almost all his songs again with tunes of rumba.