The Question of Ethics and Integrity of Candidates in Kenyan Elections

In the next three months, Kenyans will be voting in new leadership as their constitution requires. Politicians and individuals facing corruption, murder and other criminal charges have been cleared to run for various elective positions. State institutions and agencies tasked with gate-keeping credibility checks for running candidates have excused themselves thanks to a watered down integrity law that initially stopped such characters from vying. Will Kenyans entrust these people with leadership positions? And what does it mean should this happen?

It Is Time for Presidential Libraries in Kenya

The history of Kenya’s presidents and intrigues in their regimes is scattered. It’s in museums, newspapers, private homes, books and unknown places. Those who have and are still recording the history are doing it in their own perspectives and blurring what they think should be forgotten. With the death of all three former presidents, it is time to build respectable libraries that carries information of the three presidents and details of their tenure; albeit for the future and prosperity of this country.

African Users Account for 70% of World’s 1 Trillion Dollar Mobile Money Transaction Values

Africa now accounts for 70% of the world’s 1 trillion dollar US dollars mobile money value. The value of Africa’s mobile money transactions edged up 39 per cent to 701.4 billion US dollars in 2021 –– its closest to the trillion-dollar mark –– up from 495 billion US dollars in 2020, highlighting the future of African banking is mobile.

Africa Turns to e-visas to Prop Up Tourism

Close to half of all countries in Africa have activated online processing of visas, with some countries opening access to more than 180 nationalities to lure more tourists from within and outside Africa. South Africa, the latest to offer digital travel documents, is also keen on attracting skilled migrants after tightening its immigration rules.