Creativity is the throughline of life. Creativity does so much to keep us focused, distracted, fun, extremely happy, and/or everything inbetween. From the many inspiring toy creations out there to the haphazard slapdash painting in the corner of your child’s bedroom, the fact is that everybody needs to be creative, especially our children. There are so many reasons why creativity is important for our children, but what are these?

It Opens Their Minds

Creativity is something that involves a wide variety of disciplines, whether it’s just messing around with art supplies and creating a painting or just using a variety of LEGO bricks, creative individuals will always come up with new ways to carry out tasks and meet challenges. Creativity is about the perspective you bring to your work and when children become open-minded, they are going to solve problems in a number of different ways, but it also sets aside any biases or assumptions they have. We are all, as adults, bound by the inbuilt forms of prejudices we have toward certain tasks because we’ve learned unhealthy methods. Children look at the world in a different way and this is something we need to keep a light within them, which is why instilling them with an almost endless sense of creativity can do so much.

It Creates Problem Solvers

Children learn from the methods of solving problems. When children are exposed to creative thinking they become what is known as divergent thinkers, as opposed to linear ones. This means that they will offer a number of answers or solutions to problems. There is more than one way to skin a cat and, therefore, creativity can stimulate an abundance of solutions and can help children to solve problems by themselves. We have an unhealthy approach to problem-solving in that a problem is something that we think should be avoided. In a creative setting, the notion of a problem is something that is there to be navigated. Solving problems does so much for our sense of superiority, but it also gives us a wider variety of tools to solve additional problems in the future. As overwhelming or intimidating as a problem can be, once you’ve solved that type of problem, it gives you the fortitude to keep tackling future problems.

It Fosters Communication Skills

When a child is creative they are being more communicative because they are going to need to explain how they come up with a certain idea. Formulating creative thoughts into some coherent collection of words is not the easiest thing in the world. If we become impulsive and do what comes to mind, whether it’s in the form of a painting or we are creating a story, the hardest thing of all is having to put across why we did this. Sometimes there’s no reason why, but you still need to learn how to communicate this.

Creativity is something we all need to simulate. In a world where we are given creativity on a plate in the form of TV shows and games, we don’t use our brains in the same way. Encouraging our children to be more creative is going to stimulate them now, and give them a major grounding in life.

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