FIFA Launches FIFA+, A Free Football Streaming Service

And this week, FIFA noted that it was excited to announce the launch of FIFA+, a world-class digital platform created to connect football fans across the globe more deeply with the game they love, for free. Launched on Tuesday, this week at FIFA Headquarters, FIFA+ delivers live domestic league games from around the globe, match stats, the greatest archive in international football, premium original content, immersive global storytelling, and much more.

Benga’s Journey from East Africa, to Zimbabwe, and the Dance Floors of Colombia

Benga arrived in Colombia after Osman Torregrosa, a businessman of picó dances in Barranquilla who, looking for music, had gone to Aruba and Bonaire, then Martinique, Suriname, New York and Paris to look for music that would cause a sensation, for a sound that was modern and traditional at the same time. In Colombia, Benga is known as ‘música rastrillo’.

Book Review: Father Gabriel Dolan’s “Stories of Freedom in A Shackled Society”

Father Gabriel Dolan, a renowned clergy and human rights activist in Kenya, has a new memoir: Undaunted: Stories of Freedom in A Shackled Society, narrating his coming to Kenya in the heat of the 1982 failed coup against President Daniel Moi, his relentless fights for the rights of the oppressed and voiceless in the Kenya. It is a story full of courage, bravery and lessons to upcoming activists seeking to change the state of affairs in their society.