Weight of Grief

As he boards a Nairobi-bound Kangaroo Shuttle, her teary face is on his mind. She stands there motionless, looking on. The Shuttle leaves as the stage is ruffled with hooting vehicles, revving car engines, stale sweat and farts from touts, and the scramble for passengers.

The Day of the Python

Miss Duduzile Zwane is a modern young woman with the perfect life in Johannesburg. But she is troubled by persistent strange feelings. Following an encounter with a soothsayer, she embarks on a pilgrimage to a sacred cave - where she finds an unexpected source of enlightenment.


In a dystopian African setting where only a certain class of people are permitted to possess libido, with the aim of controlling population during hard times, a man struggles to find a way to revive his libido and save his marriage.

Two Dead Chicks

A young boy joins his friends for what he hopes will be a random day of swimming and mischief. When events take a turn for the worse, everyone is on their own as the inevitable wrath of mothers threatens their very lives.