The Safari

Three childhood friends — Aasir, Sira and Adira — embark on a Safari, to climb to the peaks of Oldoinyo Oibor and conquer the torments of the wandering waters of Mto Mkuu, as initiation for selecting the Chosen Ones: the Enlightened Elders of Songhai. Of every thousand who embark on the Safari, less than five ever return. And for almost all of them, their bodies are never recovered, and empty coffins are buried by their people instead. Only those who can choose to die are ready to know the truth. They must confront the tragic and bizarre consequences of their bravery.

“Deliverance” by Terna Abu

Deliverance is the story of a boy brought from the village to live in the city. Her aunt takes him to church for deliverance when things starts missing in the house. He is delivered, only for the real thief to be discovered shortly afterwards.

Weight of Grief

As he boards a Nairobi-bound Kangaroo Shuttle, her teary face is on his mind. She stands there motionless, looking on. The Shuttle leaves as the stage is ruffled with hooting vehicles, revving car engines, stale sweat and farts from touts, and the scramble for passengers.

The Day of the Python

Miss Duduzile Zwane is a modern young woman with the perfect life in Johannesburg. But she is troubled by persistent strange feelings. Following an encounter with a soothsayer, she embarks on a pilgrimage to a sacred cave - where she finds an unexpected source of enlightenment.